LED Lighting


LED Lighting for Your Sign

LED Lighting for your sign is not only more energy efficient than the old method of Fluorescent Lighting, but it is significantly more reliable.  Our LED Lighting components carry a 3-Year Warranty!  Make sure your sign gets maximum visibility by ensuring reliable night time illumination.

LED Light Fixtures

We also specialize in retrofitting external illumination from HID Lighting to LED.  Whether its your parking lot fixtures or building wall-packs, let us illuminate your space and help save you money by making the switch to LED Lighting.   

Why LED?

As LED technology has improved, we are now able to offer a 3-Year Warranty on all LED components that we install.  The reliability of the LED Lighting means less service calls to have repairs made to keep your sign lighted all year-long.  Most LED lighting systems pay for themselves within 3 years over operation, plus the peace of mind in knowing your sign will be maintenance-free for the upcoming years.

Request Your LED Quote Today

Whether you're interested in upgrading the internal illumination of your sign or exterior light fixtures, we'll be glad to provide a quote for a turn-key LED retrofit.  The sooner you make the switch to LED, the sooner you will realize the savings.  Give us a call and talk with one of our lighting specialists! 


Q:  How does switching from my current lighting system to an LED Lighting System save me money?

A:  Your new LED lighting system consumes only 25% of the power of your current lighting system, and the reliability of LED lighting will provide maintenance-free lighting for years to come -meaning fewer service calls.  We stand behind our products with a 3-Year Warranty on all lighting components.